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Foot Goddess – hiking boots 

What’s up my lovely footy freaks ! I’m just hiking some hills in my awesome uggs !


No socks either hehe 😉

  What’s up with you ??? Hope everyone is having a great day ! 

If you are interested in anything email me

Later !!!! 💋💋💋💋 

Foot Goddess ~ Fucking YouTube ….

So I just feel like bitching today … YouTube  age restricted another one of my videos 😡

It wasn’t even slightly pornographic , but whatever they can suck a dick for all I care … Anyway what’s up with my footie freaks today ?? 

That’s how I feel today … I need something to crush !!!! 

Anyway … If you are interested in something email me ~ Lisa Fire 


Foot Goddess … Still Rainy 


It’s been raining for a week and no end in sight !!! What should I do ? Uh so bored ! 

  I did paint my nails … 
Think I’ll take a nap with my best foot Slave … My dog pj 


He loooooves to lick my feet … Hahha 

Good boy 😈❤️

Later my lovely footy freaks , I’ll be back !💋💋💋💋 Lisa Fire  

Foot Goddess- So ready for spring !

What’s up my fetish freaks ! Yes it’s been a hard winter and I’m ready to get back at it since the weather has warmed up … Kind of anyway 😉


Black and white seems to have been the theme of my winter misery … 

  COME ON SPRING !!!!! I desperately need to wear something besides boots ! 

Anyway I gotta go shopping for some spring footwear ! 

Later footy freaks ! Lisa Fire ….


I will be back ~ Foot Goddess Lisa Fire

I have to apologize my lovely footy freaks 😰 I’ve been having a lot of issues this winter but I’m getting back to my old self slowly ….


Lazing around in my slippers is all I’ve done … But when it starts to warm up the FIRE will return … More Videos on my YouTube channel and I will be updating my site again ! Thanks to those who have stayed there with me … You know who you are …. 

The one who helped me get to over 1000 subscribers and is always there to give the best advice 😉

My good buddy Phil who WILL be taking me to Japan someday  😉 or the other way around lol ! 
And to one of my loyal servants who cared more about making me happy than himself literally 😉! 

Anyway you can find the link to my YouTube channel in any of my older posts 

And you can check out my listings on eBay by searching my username (in the adult section) 1footonthefloor_com ! 

And as always you can always reach me by email at

Later my lovely footy freaks !!!! 💋💋💋

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 

Foot Goddess~Shoes …

What’s up my lovely fetish freaks ?

I just thought I would share some new items I have for sale …

Some nice candy cane Christmas knee high socks ….

 Some sexy black heels ….

Two pairs of some of my favorite boots that I hate to part with , but gotta make room for more , and I’m sure someone out there will get some enjoyment out of them hehe 😉

I have these on eBay , but if you are interested just email me , or search my username on eBay 1footonthefloor_com(in the adult section) 😈

As always you can reach me by email at I will get back to you as soon as I can !

And check out my videos on YouTube by clicking here !!!

Or order a custom video

Later my fet freaks 💕💕💕💕



Foot Goddess -Technical Issues

What’s up my lovely fetish freaks !!! Sorry for the absence, I’ve been having some technical difficulties… Should be back on track soon ❤️!

Check me out on YouTube !!!

Email me for customs , videos , pics etc !

XOXOXO 💕 Foot Goddess Lisa Fire

Foot Goddess~New Shoes ….

Hey guys , what’s up ?? Just wanted to share some pics of my new shoes …


I think they will be nice for crushing , hehe

   And some stomping ….

So what do you think ? Lol

So what’s going on with me ? Hmmm same thing , just being awesome hahaha 😈

Oh and a big shout out to all of the veterans !!! Thank you for serving our country 😀❤️❤️

As always you can reach me at I will get back to you as soon as I can !

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And you can see search my user name 1footonthefloor_com in the adult section , to see my eBay listings !


Foot Goddess~Winter Blues …

What’s up my fetish freaks ???

Uhhhh I hate winter and I feel it coming ….. Someone needs to cheer me the fuck up seriously ! I need a snow mobile or something …shit I’m bored lol

Anyway I just wanted to check in with my peeps before all of this holiday shit starts ….


At least I’ve got plenty of cozy socks to keep my feet warm 😇


I listed these high tops on eBay and some fucker didn’t pay , well actually he bought 2 pairs and didn’t pay … So they are for sale 😡

Well anyway I’ll be here trying to beat the winter blues as always you can reach me at I will get back to you as soon as I can 😉

Oh and a note to my slaves foot or otherwise ….

I may sound like I’m in a weakened state … But don’t you underestimate Goddess Fire 🔥 I will burn you to the ground and then stomp the ashes into the earth with my fucking boots !

Anyway have a super awesome day 💋❤️💋❤️💋😇

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Later my lovely fetish freaks ! 💋

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