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Foot Goddess~ Shoes for Sale …

What’s up my lovely footy freaks ?! I’ve been listing some shoes on eBay , I think you know how I feel about them 😡

BUT… It’s kind of necessary uhhh

Before I show you what I’ve got for sale let me tell you a story ….

Once upon a time a little foot goddess got offered $7000 to do some major damage to a rich mans nether regions ….

Ahhh I’ll tell you more later hehe

Anyway here are some of the shoes and stuff I have listed …


The good stuff like the fur lined uggs I’ve been hiking in with no socks are on there too plus lots more …

To get to my listings , they are in the adult section on EBay and my new username is lisafireinc 

Well gotta go … Stay freaky my friends 🤓😝😘💋💋💋💋💋

Contact info

~ Lisa xoxoxo


Foot Goddess ~ Feel like pantyhose today hehe 😋💜

forgedinfirelisa@gmail.comWhat’s up my lovely footy freaks !!!💋❤️❤️❤️💋 I’ve been pretty busy …. So fucking ready for some warm weather so I can get back to my YouTube fans ! Sorry people … I’m a stone cold bitch sometimes but not in the literal sense lol !!

Anyway I’ve been doing some pics etc thought I would share 😆

👆🏻These are for sale btw ….

I never really like to wear hose with heels but whatever floats YOUR boat is what works for me lol 😋

They do feeeeel good though ….

Well that’s me haha … I’ve gotta run (no pun intended ) 😆

As always if you are interested in anything fetish related vids, pics, other items email me !

Check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already ! Good stuff 😉

And you can check out my eBay listings by searching my username-  lisafireinc it’s easier that way because IM in the ADULT section so it’s hard to link to (for me anyway)

Later sweethearts !!!!💋💋💋💋💋💋

~ Foot Goddess Lisa Fire


Foot Goddess~Shoes …

What’s up my lovely fetish freaks ?

I just thought I would share some new items I have for sale …

Some nice candy cane Christmas knee high socks ….

 Some sexy black heels ….

Two pairs of some of my favorite boots that I hate to part with , but gotta make room for more , and I’m sure someone out there will get some enjoyment out of them hehe 😉

I have these on eBay , but if you are interested just email me , or search my username on eBay 1footonthefloor_com(in the adult section) 😈

As always you can reach me by email at I will get back to you as soon as I can !

And check out my videos on YouTube by clicking here !!!

Or order a custom video

Later my fet freaks 💕💕💕💕



Foot Goddess -Technical Issues

What’s up my lovely fetish freaks !!! Sorry for the absence, I’ve been having some technical difficulties… Should be back on track soon ❤️!

Check me out on YouTube !!!

Email me for customs , videos , pics etc !

XOXOXO 💕 Foot Goddess Lisa Fire

Foot Slavery Fun-Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥

Goddess Lisa is now accepting foot slaves …. Good little foot boys/girls CLICK HERE

Anyhow , are my footy freaks letting their freak flags fly today ? I hope so ….

Here are a FEW pics of what I’ve been up to hehe ….


  Ummmm , enough said …😉

  Crushed it , I was tired after this one …

For more CLICK HERE on my YouTube channel !

Search car_tat on eBay in the adult section for my listings 😜

Later Footy Freaks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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