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Foot Goddess Lisa wants to be spoiled, cherished, pampered, and worshiped. I want material things, shoes, makeup, money, etc. I’m currently accepting foot slaves, for your monthly fee you will receive  private email/instant message sessions , videos, and pictures, and even private web cam sessions depending on your devotion to me. Prices start at $250 per month for weekly IM sessions between Goddess and Slave and $350 per month for daily Goddess/Slave interaction through Instant messaging,email, and daily picture updates.

Goddess Lisa knows her slaves are naughty boys and girls who may need to hide things sometimes

So you may also pay by money order, check, or cash

Lisa Fire

132 Lake Dwellers Drive Fairfield Bay Ar , 72088

Prices may change at my command

I will review offers and adjust prices accordingly

Goddess Lisa can be very discreet as needed

Credit card and PayPal statements show Lisa Fire Inc.

You may contact me at the following email address to discuss more details …

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