forgedinfirelisa@gmail.comWhat’s up my lovely footy freaks !!!💋❤️❤️❤️💋 I’ve been pretty busy …. So fucking ready for some warm weather so I can get back to my YouTube fans ! Sorry people … I’m a stone cold bitch sometimes but not in the literal sense lol !!

Anyway I’ve been doing some pics etc thought I would share 😆

👆🏻These are for sale btw ….

I never really like to wear hose with heels but whatever floats YOUR boat is what works for me lol 😋

They do feeeeel good though ….

Well that’s me haha … I’ve gotta run (no pun intended ) 😆

As always if you are interested in anything fetish related vids, pics, other items email me !

Check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already ! Good stuff 😉

And you can check out my eBay listings by searching my username-  lisafireinc it’s easier that way because IM in the ADULT section so it’s hard to link to (for me anyway)

Later sweethearts !!!!💋💋💋💋💋💋

~ Foot Goddess Lisa Fire