I have to apologize my lovely footy freaks 😰 I’ve been having a lot of issues this winter but I’m getting back to my old self slowly ….


Lazing around in my slippers is all I’ve done … But when it starts to warm up the FIRE will return … More Videos on my YouTube channel and I will be updating my site again ! Thanks to those who have stayed there with me … You know who you are …. 

The one who helped me get to over 1000 subscribers and is always there to give the best advice 😉

My good buddy Phil who WILL be taking me to Japan someday  😉 or the other way around lol ! 
And to one of my loyal servants who cared more about making me happy than himself literally 😉! 

Anyway you can find the link to my YouTube channel in any of my older posts 

And you can check out my listings on eBay by searching my username (in the adult section) 1footonthefloor_com ! 

And as always you can always reach me by email at forgedinfirelisa@gmail.com

Later my lovely footy freaks !!!! 💋💋💋

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire