Hey all my footy freaks out there on the interwebs lol !!! It’s about to be Labor Day weekend 😆😆😆, hope everyone has a great one ….. So got some new boots ….

                                                    Blue velvet , love um !!!! 😇😇😇

Oh I’m sure they won’t be new for long …. They’ll be nice and broke in fast the way I am with shoes 😋

Love these with the socks ( courtesy of a specific slave 😉😈)

I went on and listed my prized official knee high Girl Scout socks on the dreaded eBay ….


click here for the link
If it doesn’t work , you can search my username (recently changed from car_tat) 1footonthefloor_com in the adult section 😉

You can also check out Foot Goddess Lisa Fire on YouTube

And some items I have up for sale on the site by clicking here !

If you are interested in becoming a foot slave click here !


Thanks for all of the get well soon emails ! I feel much better now !

Note : I’m working on doing a subscription kind of think for the site, you’ll still be able to use the site and read the blog. Subscribers will just get extras , like more pics and I’ll be doing a live weekly foot worship webcast 😆

Anyway , Later my lovely footy freaks ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Labor Day  weekend , be safe !
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