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September 2015

Foot Goddess Gearing Up …..

What’s up my Footie Freaks ??! Goddess Fire is Gearing up for some videos 😈

   Got my stomping boots picked out ….

One more smoke before I get started haha ….

   Sit pretty for a sec …..😈 annnnnd

Goddess SMASH !!!!!!! Oh it feels good !!!

Wow I can do a blog post in less than 50 words , but hey ? Who is really here for the words right ? lol

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I will try to get back to you as soon as I can

Later Masturbaters !!! HAHA Yes I think I’m funny : )

Foot Goddess ~Live Stream Tonight 

Want a chance to chat with Goddess Fire ? I’m testing out a live stream for the site , unfortunately you won’t be able to view from a mobile device 👿

I’ll be on at 7pm central time 😜

I won’t be taking live requests (this time) just want to give my fans some time with their goddess 😈 so when its time just go to the goddess live stream page and click the link !


Anyway footy freaks , see ya later 💋 !

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Foot Goddess~ To all my Footie Freaks …

What’s up (or down) lol my lovely footie freaks ?!

Goddess Fire has been trying to upload new videos ….😡 but having some technical issues .


This is me after making a few videos , I stepped in paint hehe.

Anyway I’m working on changing some things around . As soon as I get all of this laptop bullshit fixed I’m thinking I might do a live stream once a week …. Hmm but what would I do on the live stream ?? Still thinking …. I’ve got some ideas so we will see ….

Anyway gotta go for now

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Later Footie freaks , and just my freaky peeps in general 💋

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I’ll get back with you as soon as I can 😈


Foot Goddess~Gearing up for some videos 😆

What’s up footie freaks ? How’s the view from down there ?? Ha you wish lol 😈

Spent the last few days making some videos …

Found someone worthy enough to have my precious Girl Scout socks (I miss them already ) But I know they have a nice home 😉 along with some super smelly flats I’ve been working on for a long time 😉

Anyway Goddess Fire has to run …

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~Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Foot Goddess~These boots were made for stomping …. 😈


And that’s just what they’ll do … Don’t you wish one of these days their gonna stomp all over you ….

  So what’s up my footy freaks ?

I’ve been pretty busy and about to get busy again 😉

I love these boots , they have about had it , but I’m not done with them until they fall to absolute pieces ….

I’ll have more for you later ….

Got GODDESS shit to do ….


Just remember , I’m watching ….. Be good little slaves ….. 😈

LATER MY LOVELY ❤️💋footy freaks❤️💋



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Foot Goddess ~Err EBay …

Well eBay has once again screwed me , AND whoever was going to bid on my awesome Girl Scout socks !!!

I mean what’s wrong with selling my cute socks ??!

Anyway they are available 💚💚💚

I’ve had a lot of interest in them so just make me an offer and we will see who gets them hehehe ….. 😈

Anyway gotta run …. LATER MY ❤️LOVELY FOOTY FREAKS❤️

As always you can reach me by email at

I will get back to you as soon as I can 😉

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Foot Goddess~Fire 🔥

What’s up Foot Fetish Feaks ?! How was Labor Day weekend? Blah blah

I had an interesting one ….

Brought out my inner pyromaniac, when my stomping boots weren’t enough ….😈 oh it felt SO good 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Poor teddy just wouldn’t be destroyed by my boots so I had to…burn …him …up 👿


Foot Goddess-New Boots 

Hey all my footy freaks out there on the interwebs lol !!! It’s about to be Labor Day weekend 😆😆😆, hope everyone has a great one ….. So got some new boots ….

                                                    Blue velvet , love um !!!! 😇😇😇

Oh I’m sure they won’t be new for long …. They’ll be nice and broke in fast the way I am with shoes 😋

Love these with the socks ( courtesy of a specific slave 😉😈)

I went on and listed my prized official knee high Girl Scout socks on the dreaded eBay ….


click here for the link
If it doesn’t work , you can search my username (recently changed from car_tat) 1footonthefloor_com in the adult section 😉

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Thanks for all of the get well soon emails ! I feel much better now !

Note : I’m working on doing a subscription kind of think for the site, you’ll still be able to use the site and read the blog. Subscribers will just get extras , like more pics and I’ll be doing a live weekly foot worship webcast 😆

Anyway , Later my lovely footy freaks ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Labor Day  weekend , be safe !

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Foot Goddess-Not Feelin 2 Hot …

Hey all my footy freaks out there ! I hope you guys are having a better day than me , uhh I’m so sick .. But here’s some pics from what I’ve been up to ….

Touched up my paint job …

  My toes look crooked in this , trust me they aren’t lol 😜

  Here’s a short video , not really foot fetish related but I think it’s cool (BIG HORROR FAN) 

I thought it was cool …

And here’s one for my lovely footy freaks ❤️❤️❤️😘

Oh and those green socks are official Girl Scout socks hehe , not sure where to sell them yet ?????

Any suggestions 😈

Well this Goddess is going to be on the couch resting today , but I’ll still answer my emails as best I can …

Later my lovely footy freaks 😜❤️😈

I don’t feel good enough to do all the links so just check out my other posts lol usually at the bottom : ) my youtube channel etc.

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