Hi there my footies ! I was in the mood for a change so I decided to do my nails and use that foot spa I got as a gift a while back ( yes , just now took it out of the box lol )


 I’ve been outside making videos and the freakin bugs are horrible ! My poor feet and legs got bit so bad , and I want to scratch sooo bad !!!!  This helped though , I put some lavender oil in the water and turned up the heat and bubbles ….. It was nice 😇
I took off the old paint job , it too FOREVER !!!! But I got it done….

I love pink it’s my go to so I thought, nothing fancy just cute pastel pink !

I rubbed them down with some lotion after they dried and I think I fell asleep after that lol

 My camera is taking crappy pictures
Anyway ….

I gotta go my lovely footy freaks 😜😈❤️


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👠❤️ Later ! ❤️👠

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