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August 2015

Foot Goddess – New EBay Username 😆

Just want to let my footies know I changed my eBay username to 1footonthefloor_com haha ! F**k you evil website 😈bwahahaha 

Foot Goddess – Shoes for sale 👠❤️😜

Good morning my lovely footy freaks ! I’m up at 5 am drinking a ton of coffee trying to wake up ! Anywho you might have noticed I put my shoes and socks page back up . Check it out there’s some good ones 😜

  Like these thick , knit socks , they have a great scent 😜 and they are soft too …
Hmmmm what else have I been up to ? Let’s see well I did do some pic sets . I feel like f**kin around , I’m in a good mood so you’ll get a kick out of these reject pics lol ….

Ok first off I CAN NOT arch my eyebrow and look sexy , tried it , doesn’t work lmao

I just look like a confused dog or maybe I had a stroke or something haha , don’t judge me ! Pictures don’t Always come out looking fabulous !

This one I rejected because I look like a toddler learning to walk for the first time lol

These are for sale though if anyone wants them 😜😆

Ok that’s enough of that …

Gotta be serious , put my Goddess Face on … Lol

Well that’s all folks ! I will give a nod to a particular Slave (you know who you are ) who put together a very nice package for his Mistress 😉

AND  a shout out to my homie who is always there with a laugh, a few encouraging words , or just tries to torture me when I’m starving and can’t get to any FOOD ! 😜 Thanks

Anyway check out my stuff for sale by clicking here !

Or search my EBay user name car_tat in the adult section😉 for my listings

And as always you can reach me by email at I will get back to you as soon as I can 😇😈😇😈

Later my lovely footy freaks ❤️ !


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Foot Goddess Fun with Funimate 😆

What’s up my Footy freaks ❤️ ! I’ve been playing around with my Funimate. App 

Foot Goddess Busy Busy … 

Hello there my lovely footy freaks ❤️❤️❤️ !!!!

This Goddess has been super busy , requests , chat sessions , vids etc !

But I make time for my footies 💖

Got all dressed up and did some crushing …..
It was fun hehe ….

  Listed these on eBay ……

AND …..

I listed the costume as well

I put it on eBay too (shoes not included hehe , panties are though) 😜

  These I believe …😈
Well gotta go do Foot Goddess stuff now ! Later my footies 😘


For my eBay listings search my user name (in the adult section) car_tat

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Panties & Things ❤️

This page is being updated ….

Email in the mean time ….



Foot Goddess New Nail Color😜

Hi there my footies ! I was in the mood for a change so I decided to do my nails and use that foot spa I got as a gift a while back ( yes , just now took it out of the box lol )


 I’ve been outside making videos and the freakin bugs are horrible ! My poor feet and legs got bit so bad , and I want to scratch sooo bad !!!!  This helped though , I put some lavender oil in the water and turned up the heat and bubbles ….. It was nice 😇
I took off the old paint job , it too FOREVER !!!! But I got it done….

I love pink it’s my go to so I thought, nothing fancy just cute pastel pink !

I rubbed them down with some lotion after they dried and I think I fell asleep after that lol

 My camera is taking crappy pictures
Anyway ….

I gotta go my lovely footy freaks 😜😈❤️


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I don’t have anything listed on eBay right now but I have lots of good smelly socks, shoes etc to sell so just email me at if you are looking to buy any of my personal items

And CLICK HERE if you want to know about custom videos or picture sets

👠❤️ Later ! ❤️👠

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Foot Goddess Problems…

SO hey my footy freaks ! I’ve been gone for a while, got a lot of craziness going on right now, but I thought I’d pop in for a few 😜

What’s new ? Ugh well still hate eBay , nothing new there ….. Still crushing it 😜 that will never change lol !

Foot Goddess problem # 1

When you get new shoes to “break in “and they just don’t want to be broken !

Oh they are getting there though !!! If it kills me 😈

I had to wear socks with these (which I hate) I like wearing JUST socks or JUST shoes !

These are about ready to sell , the socks too …

I already have these on eBay ( you can search my listings by my user name car_tat in the adult section 😈❤️😈)

Foot Goddess problem # 2

Getting stuff all over the bottom of my fav shoes !!! Jk that’s not a bad thing hehe

Foot Goddess problem #3

When some guy says he’s going to buy a specific pair of shoes and will pay on a specific date so PLEASE GODDESS DONT PUT THEM ON EBAY! Aaaaand then says “oh well I want to buy both of these” and buys the cheaper ones and then leaves me hanging with the other ones , phew that was a rant !

That’s ok dude 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻, put um on eBay got a bid the first day so , suck it !

And to my good little foot boys and girls …. I’m watching you ! So be good 😜

Gotta go for now ! Later my lovely footy freaks !❤️❤️❤️

As I said before you can search my user name car_tat for my eBay listings in the adult section !

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Foot Goddess Sunday ….


Well it’s Sunday and this Goddess is tired … But here is what I’ve been up to 


Bad pic but I got these baby’s as a gift from SOMEONE 😜you know who you are . Super cute little Japanese slippers and Omg the feel so good on my feet ! 

  Here’s a better pic …

Well it’s time to pamper and put my feet up on a nice pillow for the night so …  You know where to find me hehe 

Later Footy Freaks ❤️❤️❤️

Check out Foot Goddess Lisa Fire on YouTube 

And for my eBay listings search car_tat in the adult listings 😜 
I also updated my wish list so check it out ! 

Foot Slavery Fun-Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥

Goddess Lisa is now accepting foot slaves …. Good little foot boys/girls CLICK HERE

Anyhow , are my footy freaks letting their freak flags fly today ? I hope so ….

Here are a FEW pics of what I’ve been up to hehe ….


  Ummmm , enough said …😉

  Crushed it , I was tired after this one …

For more CLICK HERE on my YouTube channel !

Search car_tat on eBay in the adult section for my listings 😜

Later Footy Freaks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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