Good morning ! I hope life is treating everyone well today 😇 I just thought I would share some of what I’ve been up to ..

Got some new flats that need me to break them in 😜

These fit really good so it shouldn’t be a problem 😉

Let me know if you want me to break them in for YOU🔥

I’ve been posting some videos on my YouTube channel …. Like this one actually it was a vine originally a chick won my “foot slave for a day “auction on eBay , which I got in trouble for OF COURSE ! Come on eBay at least I put my stuff in the Adult section now ! Shit 😡 anyway she wanted me to make fun of her and she sent me some pics to print out and step on , etc

So I did my nails on top of her pics….

And wrote mean things on them haha

If you notice I spelled stupid wrong lol it says studip . I guess I’m studip 😲

Here’s the vine …

Anyway … If you are interested in the flats CLICK HERE oR email me

Since eBay keeps pulling my listings I’m going to start selling through YouTube so subscribe to my channel to see the latest things I’ve got to sell !

Click here for my YouTube Channel !

And as for EBay , well they can go click theirselves 😈

Later footy freaks xoxoxo !