Good Morning ! I didn’t have a chance to update yesterday , had a busy day as usual , but I can make some time for my foot fetish peeps !! (Hmm foot fetish peeps that might make a good Easter video haha ) anyway…

These are the shoes I would like to have worn yesterday ….

But these are the monstrosities I ended up wearing , can’t get paint on my favorite heels , no freakin way !(these are super smelly and dirty btw , I wear them barefoot and when I paint I don’t have them up for sale but make me a good offer or give a good enough donation and they’re yours 😜)


This painting is huge it’s about 8ft x 4ft

I used every kind of paint I had , spray paint , acrylic,tempura,even bleach and food coloring ! And I got dirty I used my hands and feet and everything else I could think of , I really got into it . I didn’t realize I was panting like a dog and dripping with sweat by the time I stopped. Not done , just stopped (my art is never done ,I’m never satisfied with it) sooooo….


This is what they look like now lol 😜

I had paint from head to toe so …..

Yea my feet were tired and needed some TLC for sure …

They need a lot more too 😓 ill be doing some foot and nail care later so check back !

Later footy peeps lol !!!

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