well since eBay sucks ass , I probably won’t be getting much traffic to my site now , so all of you looking , keep it up please !!!! Lol I’ll have to find another way to get people to my site , AND they pulled one of my listings that had (of course) the most watchers on it , I’ll just put them up for sale on here , fuck eBay ! 

These are the ones they pulled , so if you want them make me an offer lol !  Oh I’m so pissed 😡😡😡😡

Just email me at forgedinfirelisa@gmail.com if you are interested I don’t have time to list them with my other items right now …

Later footy freaks 😀 that’s my fake happy face ! Fake it till you make it , woo saw, and all that self affirming bullshit … I do appreciate my fans though !!!!!