HEY ! How’s it going ? Well I hope ! I’m just having an I don’t know what to do day ?😫😍😎😛😈…… maybe I can make my eyeballs turn into tiny little waterfalls …………wait , I’m trying errrrrerr!!!!!!!……………bam 💥 😭YAY I DID IT ! I’m weird I know ! So here are some pics I took while I was waiting to hear back from one of my foot boyz (I’m still waiting by the way 😡)

Ummmm smelling my feets ….

Kissing my feets …..

Watching you from behind my feets …. Bwahaha !!!!! I see everything …

Ok tired of being weird , have a great foot filled day ! If you see a girl with pretty feet don’t be shy , TELL HER ! She’ll like it 😉

I can’t put in my “click here” links because this thing is stupid sooo

Just got to the bottom of any of my other posts and you’ll find um ❤️