Hey everybody ! Omg I stayed up all night working on this site and I still can’t get it right !!!! I still can’t figure out how to get the donate button to say DONATE !!!! Anyway I never take naps but I felt like a nappy type of day to me ( oh and if anyone can help me fix that stupid button will you email me please !!!! I need help ! ) lol

Here’s my day ……

Drove to the store to get coffee because I ran out , of course !


 Put my runners on ……
Then decided Nope …. I don’t wanna wear those !!!! Stomping like a child throwing a tantrum…..

So I thought since I stayed up sooo late working for my favorite footy freaks , Goddess Lisa deserved a nap , I realized that I can’t go to sleep without rubbing my feet together or on a blanket ( I have done it since I was a baby just never thought about it  in foot fetish terms you know) I think it’s cute hehe and it feels nice and calming .  I did take a video but it wouldn’t load fast enough, aaaaanyway ..

Slept for about 30minutes until the phone started doodley dooing (PayPal noise) that’s ALWAYS a good way to wake up hehe , AND it was one of my favorite customers taking care of his Goddess so shout out to him 😇 you know who you are 😉

So the goddess has awakened……

And shes is watching ……..

Bwahhahahaha , I’m such a fucking dork !

Later footy freaks ! Much ❤️ to you all !

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