If you read my post yesterday you will understand my delema … Lost favorite shoe 😡 Tortured my Tender feet by walking barefoot for a mile 😡 AND Burned my feet on hot asfault ( like the fresh kind that has just been poured and sticks to you and continues to burn like hell ) ” insert calming mantra here”

This is the place I go on occasion to chill out , breath for a minute, think about shit etc etc

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥now I wanna Burn it to the ground !!!, well it already burned but still … Lol

I walked once again to this evil shoe destroying place 😈

 And there it is , that little black blob down there just out of my reach (not really its waaaaaay the fuck down there)


I realized there was no getting down there (safely anyway)

So I just gazed down into the depressing shoe eating abyss ….

Played with my shitty phone camera …

Rolled around and kicked my feet like a spoiled brat who didn’t get what she wanted ….

Rolled around some more …

And then for a second I thought maybe I should just sacrifice a goat and throw my other shoes to this evil shoe demon …..(I told you I’m NOT RIGHT)

That’s my oh fucking well face , who cares ITS JUST A FUCKING SHOE !!! 

Note : the goat sacrifice is still an option …. Another time perhaps…😈

Later my awesome footy freaks !

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