Hope everyone is having a nice day today ! I’ve been slipping my feet into all kinds of shoes today , they definitely need some TLC 😥 here are some I’m going to list soon … (omg , every time I look at this site on my busted ass laptop I realize how crappy the quality is ! ill work on it !)

These would be good for crushing , yep I can feel it …. 😈

These are good for … Hmmmm ???

Well they could be good for whatever you want them to be for 😉hehe ( these are pretty smelly )

I wear these barefoot , they are nice and seasoned 😉

Oh yea I put a new video on my YouTube channel …. I’ll give you a peek …

Looks like I got murdered haha … Knock on wood 😉 I might be a bipolar nut case but I really don’t want to die like one of those blonde bimbos in the slasher flicks (that always runs upstairs !!! Stupid bitches)

Anyway my lovely footy freaks , much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 and I’ll be back tomorrow !!!

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