Good Morning Foot Freaks of the world !!!! I am so not ready for today , but I’m getting there , all of you make it easier ! 😇 thanks for all of your support !! Anyway I thought I would show you my shoes for the day 👠👠👠

Loooove these zip up heels , I’ve had them forever but never wear them ^^^^ I need to touch up those tootsies!!! ^^^^ ill do that later ; )

They actually feel really good 😋😋😋

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I always sit on the deck in the morning and drink my coffee , and snap some pics before I have to face the horrors of (gulp) the outside world !


I’m off …. Blah I hate reality , I enjoy my little bubble as I call it waaaay more , being an adult really blows 😁 Lol at least I have you guys !😉

Later my footy freaks !

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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