Hope everyone had a great 4th! I discovered some famous people from history that had foot fetishes while I was researching celebrity footies , I thought it was pretty interesting maybe you will ….

Giacomo Casanova

This 18th century Venetian author and adventurer was a lover of many women and their beautiful feet !

Andy Warhol

The pop artist had a well known fetish for feet ,evident in his many shoe portraits. He also reportedly kept a mummified foot under his bed ! That’s a serious fetish !

George du Maurier

The 19th century author and illustrator had a thing for hoofs which came through in his work. The titular heroine in his novel “Trilby” was renowned for having “the handsomest foot in all of Paris,” and Du Maurier spent a lot of ink describing exactly how handsome it was.

F. Scott Fitzgerald


The author of “The Great Gatsby” was a notorious womanizer and foot fetishizer. He was super weird about letting other people see his own feet, but loved obsessing over the feet of beautiful women. Fitzgerald frequented a particular prostitute solely lol on the basis of her feet!!!!!!

James Joyce


James Joyce used foot play in his work, including a passage in “Ulysses” in which the character Gerty jokes about of using her feet to make men “spend money “.

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