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July 2015

🔥Foot Goddess SMASH !!!!

Hey out there ! How’s it goin ? Here’s what I’ve been up to …. Smashing the shit out of stuff haha

So I got a request to crush some electronics …

Got my boots on …..

Well this is the aftermath ….

I got my boot heel stuck in the top of the thing and had to stop halfway through lol and get it unstuck , then I went all office space on it with a baseball bat 😈

I’ll put the link to the video at the end of the post 😜

SOOOOO these boots are trashed now haha

I Want some GOOD crushing boots like these …

dombootsEllie Shoes Women’s 557-KRUPA Boots

Hmmmm should I put the old ones on the evil eBay ? I’m not sure yet I’ll have to think about it ….. If you want them first contact me 😉

Well needless to say the old Playstation is dead , it lived a long life…..


CLICK HERE and uhg here’s a link to my eBay listings ! or if that doesn’t work search my user name car_tat ,they are in the adult section

LATER my Lovely Footy Freaks !   ~ Lisa

Forgedinfire- Latest News 

Good morning ! I hope life is treating everyone well today 😇 I just thought I would share some of what I’ve been up to ..

Got some new flats that need me to break them in 😜

These fit really good so it shouldn’t be a problem 😉

Let me know if you want me to break them in for YOU🔥

I’ve been posting some videos on my YouTube channel …. Like this one actually it was a vine originally a chick won my “foot slave for a day “auction on eBay , which I got in trouble for OF COURSE ! Come on eBay at least I put my stuff in the Adult section now ! Shit 😡 anyway she wanted me to make fun of her and she sent me some pics to print out and step on , etc

So I did my nails on top of her pics….

And wrote mean things on them haha

If you notice I spelled stupid wrong lol it says studip . I guess I’m studip 😲

Here’s the vine …

Anyway … If you are interested in the flats CLICK HERE oR email me

Since eBay keeps pulling my listings I’m going to start selling through YouTube so subscribe to my channel to see the latest things I’ve got to sell !

Click here for my YouTube Channel !

And as for EBay , well they can go click theirselves 😈

Later footy freaks xoxoxo !


Foot Goddess got a Gift 🎁🎁🎁

Good morning ! How’s everyone ? I hope you are having a happy morning ! I am someone , you know who you are hehe , bought me the foot spa I had on my wish list , this goddess is super excited to use it !

Yay that’s me jumping on the couch lol

I just gave myself a pedi too , wish I would have been able to use the foot spa first …. Oh well

 You’ll have to excuse my hair, it was 6 in the morning sooo ..yea I’m still half asleep lol

Not quite sure if I like it , hmmmm probably gonna start all over and use my new gift first this time ! 😜

I fixed my page that has all the naughty stuff for sale hehe 😈 so check it out by CLICKING HERE I’m still working on the shoes … So stay tuned !

CLICK HERE FOR MY EBAY STUFF ! Or Search my user name  car_tat  on ebay site

And a note to the ladies and gentlemen out there who like feet too , come on don’t be shy !!! And if you are into Male feet CLICK HERE TO check out Master Jango 💀!!!!! 

Later footy freaks ! FOOT GODDESS LISA 🔥🔥🔥

Foot Goddess 🔥-Its Been a Long Day Without you my Friends ….

But I’ll tell you all about when I see you again ……. Which is now lol 😜

I’ve been making some changes , staying busy for sure ! Uhhhh I’m exhausted ! But anyway …. It’s great to be back to my footy freaks ! Here’s a couple of things I’ve been up to ….

I’ve got my favorite flats for sale on eBay !!!! (DONT BUY MY STUFF THROUGH EBAY , BUY FROM ME ! THOSE GREEEDY FUCKS TAKE WAY TO MUCH OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY!)Anyway 😭 they never “want want the shoes I WANT to sell , they want the shoes I DONT want to sell” a little Tarantino reference (django unchained awesome flick) oh and he’s got a foot fetish too , maybe he’ll be my foot boy ….hmmm

Quick someone tell him about my awesome feet ! I’ll give ya a dollar !!!! Lmao I’m so fucked up on my meds right now , sorry if the f word offends you (fuck ,not really) anywho ….

Been doing some teasing and denial ….

Giving my lovely footies a chance to be my foot boy/girl for the DAY that’s one day got me ? ..OMFG this one was super fun and for a girl which was awesome! She was very obedient which is what I like to see in my slaves 😈

Takin some selfies … To remind my servants that I AM watching you …

Got some sexy ass socks for sale on eBay … Remember what I said about eBay though …..

Then the Goddess went to bed after taking a goodnight selfie with her shitty iPhone camera. THE END 


Sooooo as always take care my lovely footy freaks ❤️❤️❤️

Note: I’m still messing with the site so hang in there , changes will be made lol “I’m really good at making changes, you’ll see” that’s a little one I tweaked from hot tub time machine , btw the second one sucked..

You can contact me by CLICKING HERE !


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Foot Fetish – Creation and Relaxation 

Good Morning ! I didn’t have a chance to update yesterday , had a busy day as usual , but I can make some time for my foot fetish peeps !! (Hmm foot fetish peeps that might make a good Easter video haha ) anyway…

These are the shoes I would like to have worn yesterday ….

But these are the monstrosities I ended up wearing , can’t get paint on my favorite heels , no freakin way !(these are super smelly and dirty btw , I wear them barefoot and when I paint I don’t have them up for sale but make me a good offer or give a good enough donation and they’re yours 😜)


This painting is huge it’s about 8ft x 4ft

I used every kind of paint I had , spray paint , acrylic,tempura,even bleach and food coloring ! And I got dirty I used my hands and feet and everything else I could think of , I really got into it . I didn’t realize I was panting like a dog and dripping with sweat by the time I stopped. Not done , just stopped (my art is never done ,I’m never satisfied with it) sooooo….


This is what they look like now lol 😜

I had paint from head to toe so …..

Yea my feet were tired and needed some TLC for sure …

They need a lot more too 😓 ill be doing some foot and nail care later so check back !

Later footy peeps lol !!!

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Foot Worship and a little more … Just a peek 👀

OMG I’ve been busy , how have you guys been ? I everyone is having a great morning , I had a great night …..

Don’t you wish you were the one kissing these ?? Lol

I snapped this after a little sweet crushing request I did for someone 😉

HEY ! I can’t resist a honey bun .. Come on ! Lol 

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THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY LOYAL FANS I WONT CALL YOU FOOTY FREAKS TODAY ! I can’t make it without yall !( I said yall because I’m a southern girl , can’t help it , it just comes out sometimes !!!! Ok enough , have a pleasant day , life is short so try to enjoy it ❤️ FOOT GODDESS LISA FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥

Foot fetish errrrrr 😡

well since eBay sucks ass , I probably won’t be getting much traffic to my site now , so all of you looking , keep it up please !!!! Lol I’ll have to find another way to get people to my site , AND they pulled one of my listings that had (of course) the most watchers on it , I’ll just put them up for sale on here , fuck eBay ! 

These are the ones they pulled , so if you want them make me an offer lol !  Oh I’m so pissed 😡😡😡😡

Just email me at if you are interested I don’t have time to list them with my other items right now …

Later footy freaks 😀 that’s my fake happy face ! Fake it till you make it , woo saw, and all that self affirming bullshit … I do appreciate my fans though !!!!! 

Foot Goddess and Her New Shoes 👠

Good morning you foot fetishests , shoe lovers, and feet sniffers ! Hehe 😜 check out my new sexy ass kicks !


Loooove um ❤️❤️❤️❤️

They are super high heels and really soft inside ….

Yes that’s the bathroom floor , I was at at family members house and I couldn’t have them know my little secret shhhhhhh …. Lol

 Although I’m SURE the sound of my camera making the camera NOISE in there raised some suspicion lol oh well

 This goddess spent smile much in pictures , it’s kinda like that movie Dogma where Alanis Morrisette is God and if she opens her mouth it like explodes everyone’s ear drums  , hahahaha 😈

I gotta go for now ! Later my foot freaks , thank you for your loyal service : ) keep it up ❤️

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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Foot Goddesses Kiss Feet too hehe 

HEY ! How’s it going ? Well I hope ! I’m just having an I don’t know what to do day ?😫😍😎😛😈…… maybe I can make my eyeballs turn into tiny little waterfalls …………wait , I’m trying errrrrerr!!!!!!!……………bam 💥 😭YAY I DID IT ! I’m weird I know ! So here are some pics I took while I was waiting to hear back from one of my foot boyz (I’m still waiting by the way 😡)

Ummmm smelling my feets ….

Kissing my feets …..

Watching you from behind my feets …. Bwahaha !!!!! I see everything …

Ok tired of being weird , have a great foot filled day ! If you see a girl with pretty feet don’t be shy , TELL HER ! She’ll like it 😉

I can’t put in my “click here” links because this thing is stupid sooo

Just got to the bottom of any of my other posts and you’ll find um ❤️

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