Good morning everybody ! Hope all is well with you this Monday morning 😃 I’m still having trouble with eBay errrr😡 but anyway I heard that Elvis had a foot fetish and that made me wonder , what other celebrities love feet ??? I was surprised ….

Marilyn Manson

The kinda scary rocker has a major foot fetish says his ex Jenna Jameson , I just wonder what kind of freaky stuff he likes to do with feet ???😝



Elvis had a fetish that supposedly stemmed from having to rub his mothers feet… Girls were screened based on their feet before they could go on a date with the King hehe

Dita Von Teese

This sexy burlesque performer , who also dater Marilyn Manson, often features her feet in shows , and has also done lots of books and foot fetish videos 👠

Quentin Tarantino


He has a well documented foot fetish , just watch some of his movies , or ask Uma Thurman lol

There are many more I will add to the list ….

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Later my lovely footy freaks 👠!

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥