Hey all you foot enthusiasts ! How was your day ? Lol mine was pretty good actually , my feets are sooooo tired from walking all day though so I had to take care of them when I got home 😜

My piggies were aching omg ! And the polish takes a beating doing requests all day lol 

  I took a nice long bath when I got home but I still like to wipe them down 😉

  I took the polish off , so my toe nails were naked for a few ! Lol  

 I rubbed them down with some really good lotion ….

It felt sooooo freakin good🎉

  Then I put some polish on , I was going to do black because I read that Maralyn Manson has a foot fetish , thought I’d pay some respect ! Love his style man , pretty sure I spelled the name wrong but whatever you know what I mean hehe the black looked like shit so I changed it …

You like my Spider-Man blanket ?? Haha I’m a dork I love marvel  


Then I spayed my feets and legs with some glitter smelly good stuff …

All done ! I blogged , I did requests , I did eBay (ugh ) I’m going to chill and watch some kind of informative documentary to put me and my nice smooth piggies to sleep ! Unless I get more requests  then I’ll be working til 3am, later my footy freaks ! Have an awesome Friday night ! 

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