Its around 5 am and I’m stressing about today , have to go to court and my laptop broke !ugh loooong story …. Good thing this helps me feel better because of all my lovely footy freaks !❤️👠😇

Here are some random pics ….

Love these classics ❤️❤️❤️❤️

These are some of my favorites , they are getting so worn out but that just makes me love them more ! 



I think I’m going to wear these today 

Ugh I’m going to go puke now , my nerves are shot lol 
I’ll update later 😜

Well court sucked , couldn’t take my phone in with me I was going to post some pics ! And then eBay pulled 4 of my listings that already had bids ! Bs is what that is , so I’ll be listing in the adult section now just FYI this foot goddess is angry 😡😡😡 
Later my footy freaks 👠 Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥

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