I couldn’t think of a good title , anyway good morning !!!! Well I’m sorry to say I didn’t build a rocket yesterday 🚀😥 I did sell some shoes and do some video requests ! So that’s something …

Besides that did a few touch ups , I can’t keep from messing them up !😡 Note : just realize how shitty some of these pics are sorry about that I can’t tell on my phone sometimes until I upload and look on the laptop !

 Messed with the filters on my phone lol I like it

 Oh yea I made a few ankle bracelets , I  use my toes to hold it while I braid 😉

 I only made two , I was sooo tired (really I’m just lazy ,  or maybe it’s the meds)

It turned out pretty good ….

This one did too I think I like it the best 😆

I don’t know what the rest of the day holds , maybe swimming later I’ll update 😀

Have a great awesome day (and watch Kingsman Secret Service lol awesome flick) later footy freaks !!!! Click here Check out my eBay listings and click here for my YouTube channel — Lisa Fire 🔥👠 Email me if you have a request pics, videos, shoes, socks etc forgedinfirelisa@yahoo.com