Good morning everybody ! Well afternoon whatever lol I really have a busy day planned but I probably won’t get any of it done lol then again I might build a fucking rocket WHO KNOWS ???? My crazy mind has me locked down , but I could bring myself to post some pics 😃😓😡 I went back to pink , I like pink 😍   I can’t get my ass off the back deck , just sit there for hours lol    I guess it’s ok to chill out for a while …   Ok I did get myself off the deck , now I’m going to list some shoes …. 😜  I think I’m going to make some more ankle bracelets later and I’ll update with pics ! Click here Check out my eBay listings if you like well worn shoes , socks , etc !!! And if you need anything else 😉 email me at  I gladly take requests , tell me what you want to see ! Or if you want something more private shoot me an email 😜Later footy freaks !!!😍👠 Lisa Fire

Update here is a link to a new youtube video I posted (caution its not for everyone its a little racy)