Good morning my footy freaks !!😝I have been so lazy lately , so had to get out and excersise today !    BUT first of course I had to fuel up with some coffee….   Oh god coffee is so good lol 😇 I’m a coffee freak    It’s beautiful where I live so I enjoy walking close to home 🌅   The trees are grown up , you can’t get the full view but it’s still awesome !  Well the rest of my day is super full , got to paint my nails AGAIN LOL (I’ll post pics later) and gotta go to a family reunion type deal 😖 fun fun , but I’ll keep updating as much as I can today ! Later footy freaks 😉Lisa fire  And don’t forget to checkout my eBay items click here , and if you need a request go ahead and email me @ I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can 😜😋 have a great day everyone !!!  Update :  it’s freakin hot ! Omg I had to stop and let my feets cool down 😓