Good morning ! I was sitting and drinking my coffee thinking about what to post on the blog today , why not what I’m doing now ! Lol

Thought I would play around with the effects on my camera too….

Gotta have a few cups of coffee before my feets and I go to therapy , lol yea I’m a loon. No I’m not crazy but I do have bi polar disorder so that’s awesome right !? Lol 😭😃

 I did a request for a guy from eBay to see if I could get a rubber band off of my big toe , as you can see I ruined my touch up job that I posted yesterday day ! So gotta fix that ! And he didn’t even pay for the video 😡 Click here to view that post

Anyway I’ll keep you posted , and have a wonderful day all you footy freaks !😜 (unless therapy doesn’t go well, in that case FTW) jk ! Lisafire

Update : headed to the head shrink lol

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