Well I’m an artist , if you want to call it that ! 😜I’ve never painted with my feet before so I thought I would give it a shot !    I used Unstretched canvas and taped it to a board that I use in some of my videos.    I used acrylic and started off with a sponge  , I really didn’t want to use paint thinner to get the oil paint off !     The brush was a little tricky at first 😕   At this point I wasn’t sure what this painting was going to turn out like …   But it was really fun using all of the different brushes…   I think she looks like some kind of alien chick , that’s just what I see though    Yep definitely an alien chick being sucked into some cosmic cloud of weirdness lol  I had a lot of fun and hope everyone enjoys !!! Later footy freaks ! 😉 lisafire