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June 2015

Celebrities With Foot Fetishes

Good morning everybody ! Hope all is well with you this Monday morning 😃 I’m still having trouble with eBay errrr😡 but anyway I heard that Elvis had a foot fetish and that made me wonder , what other celebrities love feet ??? I was surprised ….

Marilyn Manson

The kinda scary rocker has a major foot fetish says his ex Jenna Jameson , I just wonder what kind of freaky stuff he likes to do with feet ???😝



Elvis had a fetish that supposedly stemmed from having to rub his mothers feet… Girls were screened based on their feet before they could go on a date with the King hehe

Dita Von Teese

This sexy burlesque performer , who also dater Marilyn Manson, often features her feet in shows , and has also done lots of books and foot fetish videos 👠

Quentin Tarantino


He has a well documented foot fetish , just watch some of his movies , or ask Uma Thurman lol

There are many more I will add to the list ….

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Later my lovely footy freaks 👠!

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥

Well Worn Shoes hehe 

Good morning 😛 feeling pretty good today ! How about you ? So I’ve been selling Well Worn shoes on eBay for about 3 years now , eBay is pissing me off though so I’m going to start putting some for sale on here ! And ….. I’m going to start selling on ebanned as soon as they verify me 😜 here are some pics … While I work on everything else ….

 That was before court the other day lol ugh hate that shit … 

  These are some heels I have on eBay 

  That was while I was waiting on the head doctor lol these are some of my faves but I might sell them to someone who reeeeeeaaaallly wants them 😜❤️ 

Later footy freaks , I’ll be back later 😜

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Painting my piggies – Lisa Fire Foot Fetish Blog 

Hey all you foot enthusiasts ! How was your day ? Lol mine was pretty good actually , my feets are sooooo tired from walking all day though so I had to take care of them when I got home 😜

My piggies were aching omg ! And the polish takes a beating doing requests all day lol 

  I took a nice long bath when I got home but I still like to wipe them down 😉

  I took the polish off , so my toe nails were naked for a few ! Lol  

 I rubbed them down with some really good lotion ….

It felt sooooo freakin good🎉

  Then I put some polish on , I was going to do black because I read that Maralyn Manson has a foot fetish , thought I’d pay some respect ! Love his style man , pretty sure I spelled the name wrong but whatever you know what I mean hehe the black looked like shit so I changed it …

You like my Spider-Man blanket ?? Haha I’m a dork I love marvel  


Then I spayed my feets and legs with some glitter smelly good stuff …

All done ! I blogged , I did requests , I did eBay (ugh ) I’m going to chill and watch some kind of informative documentary to put me and my nice smooth piggies to sleep ! Unless I get more requests  then I’ll be working til 3am, later my footy freaks ! Have an awesome Friday night ! 

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Foot Fetish Trouble ..Foot Goddess Lisa Fire

Well today was just all F*cked up ! eBay screwing me around , then PayPal , BUT it’s all good now !! I will MAKE myself be in a good goddess mood 😇 here are a few pics from some requests I’ve been doing ….

I really like these shoes , they look uncomfortable but they feel really good on 😜

I think I’ve got them up for sale , shit I can’t remember lol pretty sure

 These are already sold , I loved them so much …. Sad face took out some aggression doing that request !!  Felt gooood 🔥🚬

I’ve got to do my toes tomorrow !!!! They need it , I’ll post pics tomorrow !

Later my lovely footy freaks 😜

Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥👠

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Random Feet – Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 

Its around 5 am and I’m stressing about today , have to go to court and my laptop broke !ugh loooong story …. Good thing this helps me feel better because of all my lovely footy freaks !❤️👠😇

Here are some random pics ….

Love these classics ❤️❤️❤️❤️

These are some of my favorites , they are getting so worn out but that just makes me love them more ! 



I think I’m going to wear these today 

Ugh I’m going to go puke now , my nerves are shot lol 
I’ll update later 😜

Well court sucked , couldn’t take my phone in with me I was going to post some pics ! And then eBay pulled 4 of my listings that already had bids ! Bs is what that is , so I’ll be listing in the adult section now just FYI this foot goddess is angry 😡😡😡 
Later my footy freaks 👠 Foot Goddess Lisa Fire 🔥

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Baring my Soles .. Lisa Fire Foot Goddess

Hey everybody 😃 someone told me yesterday that I don’t show very many pics of the soles of my feet so here are a few pics ….

 The tattoo is a long (drunk) story haha

This one was an extra from a request I did yesterday

I did some pics with nylons and heels , it was fun I don’t wear them a lot but I always forget how good they feel !😉here is one with the heels …

Love these shoes 👠👠👠

Well gotta get to work my footy freaks ! Later Lisa Fire 🔥

And as always if you have a request don’t be shy 😉 send me an email

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Just me and my Feets 💘

I felt like blogging a little so here are some pics ….

Yes it’s summer and I’m wearing a bathing suit and snow boots lol (my favorite ones btw) I had a request to wear them and get them sweaty hehe and excuse my bathroom please its being remodeled kind of lol

 What better way than go for a hike when it’s 98 degrees out!!!

 So I hiked down to the local “party cove” if you live in the south and near a lake you’ll understand lol😋

That water felt sooooo freakin good

 It was pretty great , I hope he appreciates all of my hard work ! 😇

Anyway later you foot freaks I’ll be back tomorrow !

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Everyday Feet -Lisa Fire

I couldn’t think of a good title , anyway good morning !!!! Well I’m sorry to say I didn’t build a rocket yesterday 🚀😥 I did sell some shoes and do some video requests ! So that’s something …

Besides that did a few touch ups , I can’t keep from messing them up !😡 Note : just realize how shitty some of these pics are sorry about that I can’t tell on my phone sometimes until I upload and look on the laptop !

 Messed with the filters on my phone lol I like it

 Oh yea I made a few ankle bracelets , I  use my toes to hold it while I braid 😉

 I only made two , I was sooo tired (really I’m just lazy ,  or maybe it’s the meds)

It turned out pretty good ….

This one did too I think I like it the best 😆

I don’t know what the rest of the day holds , maybe swimming later I’ll update 😀

Have a great awesome day (and watch Kingsman Secret Service lol awesome flick) later footy freaks !!!! Click here Check out my eBay listings and click here for my YouTube channel — Lisa Fire 🔥👠 Email me if you have a request pics, videos, shoes, socks etc

Pink toe nails … 

Good morning everybody ! Well afternoon whatever lol I really have a busy day planned but I probably won’t get any of it done lol then again I might build a fucking rocket WHO KNOWS ???? My crazy mind has me locked down , but I could bring myself to post some pics 😃😓😡 I went back to pink , I like pink 😍   I can’t get my ass off the back deck , just sit there for hours lol    I guess it’s ok to chill out for a while …   Ok I did get myself off the deck , now I’m going to list some shoes …. 😜  I think I’m going to make some more ankle bracelets later and I’ll update with pics ! Click here Check out my eBay listings if you like well worn shoes , socks , etc !!! And if you need anything else 😉 email me at  I gladly take requests , tell me what you want to see ! Or if you want something more private shoot me an email 😜Later footy freaks !!!😍👠 Lisa Fire

Update here is a link to a new youtube video I posted (caution its not for everyone its a little racy)

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